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Meet Tom Trovato

After more than thirty years in the event and floral design business I have an unlimited archive of ideas and take the most creative approach to every project. I’m known for taking a personal, professional interest in my clients, their business functions, family events and their homes. What’s important to them is important to me.

My work has been consistent and in high demand,  but it began by working long hours in my first stores in northern Michigan, providing floral arrangements for every occasion: weddings, holiday decors and personal family events. I owned and operated three different floral design businesses before moving to Naples ten years ago, and my experience with home/corporate showcasing  and weddings in particular has proven a good fit here. I still love what I do. Many of my clients have also become my friends.

I am an avid runner, cyclist and swimmer. I also enjoy gourmet cooking and, of course, gardening and landscaping. I’m always a willing volunteer and I take pride in the quality of our community and the great people who live here. Naples is my home.

Why Choose Us...

  • Once in a Lifetime Experience
  • Your Expectations will be Exceeded
  • Outstanding Reputation
  • Creator of Unique & Outside the Box Events
  • We offer Planning, Staging, Corporate & Fundraising Events
  • We offer Digital Layout Designs & Colors
  • Relationships with Venues, Wedding Planners & Vendors
  • We will maintain excellent communication
  • The price is right - conferring with you about price & preparation time is as important to us

Tom Trovato

Owner & Lead Designer

Certified Floral Designer – Naples, FL

Experienced &Professional

“People want flowers around them because they add Life to an otherwise empty room. A bridal bouquet is never forgotten by a bride. Roses still say what words can not. Flowers and plants add color, mood and sophisticated accents from the garden to the vase, and good landscaping is living art.
That’s where it starts for me, simple as that.”

Lynn Brow

Lead Designer

Geno Filippis

Warehouse Manger

Amanda Florence


Brett Montgomery

Asst. Warehouse Manger & Prop Builder

Amy Frass

Office Manger

Kristy Buschle

Assistant Wedding/Event Coordinator

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